Change Unit #

inventory_category_128_hotThe Change Unit # function is used to change the unit number of serial items.

The Change Unit # function can be accessed from:

Equipment Center- File


Current Information

Search. This is a search field that allows you to enter a phrase and have the system find the equipment using the search form.  If what you type in returns a single result, then the equipment record will be retrieved and you will not be presented with the search window.  For more information regarding search, see Search Settings.

Once you find your equipment item from the database search, the remainder of the current information will auto-fill.


New Information

Most of the information will auto-fill based off your Search in Current Information. Select Allow Full Edit to change the Common Name, Department and/or Group information. However, if you choose to move the equipment to an existing Common Name, you will not be able to edit the Department or Group.

Common Name. Type in the new equipment common name of your choosing.

Department. Select the Department Name the equipment belongs under from the drop-down box. If the Department Name you want is not present in the drop-down box, select Add to create a new Department name. See Edit Departments for more information.

Group. Select the group number from the drop-down box. If you select the button next to the drop-down box, the current department/groups will be displayed.

Unit. Select from the drop-down box the unit number you want to change the equipment to.

Select OK when you have finished entering the information. The unit number of the equipment item will now be changed.


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