Meter Types

inventory_category_128_hotThe Meter Types function is used to edit meter types.

The Meter Types function can be accessed from:

Equipment Center- File


Type. Enter a single digit, non-zero numeric.

Description. Enter a description. This will be used in Edit Equipment to denote the type of equipment.

Contract Wording (left). Appears to the right of the meter units (allowed on open contracts and used on invoices) so use this text to describe the type of units. You will want to end the text with the @ sign as it appears immediately before the overtime rate.

Contract Wording (right). Appears to the right of the overtime rate. Use this text to describe how the overtime rate will change. In order  to fit properly on the printed contract, the total number of characters in both the Contract Wording fields should not exceed 18.

Contract Entry. Used in the classic product to prompt during contract entry.

Select Save once you have finished entering all your information.


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