Our user interface allows users to maximize productivity with advanced features that are intuitive and easy to use. Be sure to see these features in action by viewing the library of videos available on-line.

Just like a modern web browser, our interface allows you to have multiple active windows running at the same time. Never lose your place in one screen while you look up something on another. This is a huge time saver.

Like popular web based search engines, our search engine takes a single input and retrieves results based on multiple attributes. Customize the search engine for your specific needs. Our search engine saves time trying to find that specific item when we do not have all of the information.

Our popups allow you to see information about an item without having to open a new screen. This saves time by keeping you on the main screen while the popups provide additional details.

With our on-line backup service we backup the server every night automatically. No need to handle clumsy tape drives, keeping them offsite or staying late to finish the backup. At the end of the day just go home and we will handle the backup

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