Payment History

history_128_hotThe Payment History function is used to display your past customer payments.

The Payment History function can be accessed from:

Customer Center- Receivables


Customer #. Search for your customer by number.  For more information regarding search, see Search Settings. If you would prefer, you can search using a  range under Dates and Times rather than searching for customer number.

Select ‘Batch Timestamp’ for the date in which you entered the payment. Select ‘Payment’ for the date in which the payment was received.

Filters. Used to select pay type. Select ‘All’ for all payments. Select ‘AR Payments’ for payments received through Payment Processing only. Select ‘Contract Payments’ for payments received through rental activity only.

Reports. Use this function if you want to print Payment History. Select ‘Standard’ to print a basic list of customers and payments. Select ‘Customer’ if you want to print a list organized by customer. Select ‘Payment Type’ if you want to print a list organized by payment type. You can type a Title and/or Subtitle of your choosing if you wish to do so. Select whether you want it printed Portrait or Landscape style. You can preview your Report before printing by selecting the Preview function.

Payments. A list of payments meeting your criteria.

Applied Credits. Displays any applied credits.

Bank Deposit. A deposit slip based on your Bank Information. For more information see Bank Information.


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